WordPress: How to Work with Post and Page Formats

How to Work with Posts and Pages Written by Becky Bruso In this post we will explore how to work with posts and pages within WordPress.  The great thing is that once you learn how to get around in posts, you can apply the same concepts to a working with pages. This article will detail how… Continue Reading

WordPress: How to log into the back end of WordPress

Logging into your WordPress Back End Site There are two sides to every website, the front-end which is the location visible to the outside world, and the back-end. The back-end is the workhorse and can be likened to the back room of your store or back office. It is that area where you do all… Continue Reading

WordPress: How to Add and Work with Plugins

Today’s topic will be to show you how to install plugins on your WordPress web site.  We will learn how to install a couple of very basic plugins.  Plugins allow you to add features to your web site front and/or back-end.    First we will review what plugins are.  Then we will go over the… Continue Reading

Why Use WordPress, Anyway?

WordPress for Web Site Building Written by Becky Bruso A while back I wrote a short article with a link to support why WordPress is suitable to use as a tool to build any web site.  This earlier article can be found at this link. Today, I want to elaborate on this and talk more… Continue Reading

WordPress: Post and Page Future Publish Features

How to Schedule a Post or Page for a Future Publication Date Written by Becky Bruso In this post we will explore how to schedule a future posting date for WordPress posts and pages.   This article will detail how to schedule these with written instructions including images of the how-to process in action.  … Continue Reading

WordPress 101 – How to Maximize Categories

Unleash the Power of Using Categories in your WordPress Web Site Written by Becky Bruso In this post we will explore how to add categories and the way they are used in WordPress.   This article will detail how to add categories in WordPress and will have a visual image of the process in action…. Continue Reading

WordPress: Add a Video to a Post or Page

Two Ways to Add Video to Posts and Pages Since video is just another media type, to add video to your posts and pages, you could proceed as you would to add an image. But there are two ways to add video to posts and pages.  The first way is to simply use the media add… Continue Reading

How Does WordPress Stack Up as a Website Tool

 WordPress is More than a Blog Tool Sure, WordPress is used by millions of sites and tens of millions of people every day, but how does it really stack up the others? You might be wondering why you would want to use WordPress to build your website.  A lot of people think that WordPress is… Continue Reading

A WordPress Plugin to Automatically Update Your Plugins

Automatically Update Your WordPress Plugins There is a plugin for everything.  Really, this is true.  I wanted to share this article which talks about updating WordPress Plugins whether manually or, yes, automatically.  There is now a plugin to update your plugins.  This is not carte blanche to go and install anything untested on your website. … Continue Reading