Always On!

History Always Repeats Itself

In 2012, on my personal website, I wrote a blog about always-on devices and how they have changed our lives. You can read the entire article by clicking here.

What struck me most when I re-read this article was that I had the solution  in 2012, but fell off track in 2016 (and likely at other times in between these two years).  

I am finding that without an accountability partner to hold my feet to the fire, I am re-learning the same lessons, over and over again.  

Simple and Elegant is Not Easy

Mindfulness. Being in the present moment. A Simple elegant solution.

Most really great solutions are simple and elegant. 

This doesn’t change the fact that to get there we need to take action. 

Not the sort of hyper-action that I have been taking and that which I describe in my video.

But rather using action to give ourselves permission to stop and take a breather. Observe what is happening right now and don’t get swept up into what happened before and what could happen in the future.

The Problem Statement

From my corporate life as a  Information Technology Professional prior to owning my business  and my MBA studies, I learned the first step to solving any problem is to identify it. 

As such, I have captured my problem statement in my video blog (vlog). 

The problem is that I can’t disconnect from my business at a reasonable time each day.

Fixing Myself

This is a tall order.  

One I find that I need to continually reinforce.   

A couple of tools that I am working on keeping present in my life are daily meditation, exercise, and being mindful in the moment.    

I fall off and on keeping these consistently as part of my daily routine.   I have heard a lot of gurus say that making these sorts of self-care rituals part of your daily to-do list are the keys to success.

I think they are onto something here.  

“When you are in a fix, often the fix is in you.” ― Ashok Kallarakkal

I enjoy listening to Deepak Chopra and I find his wisdom enlightening.  Today’s message provided the quote I have featured here. 

In thinking about this, it has helped me to realize that looking to something or someone external to me is not the solution.

I have the power to fix this overworking situation; I just need to find the fix within me by using the tools I talked about.

In Deepak’s current 21-day meditation program, he talks about lightness vs heaviness and how all the unresolved thoughts that swirl around in us create heaviness.  Whether mentally or physically…

This lends itself to having the weight of the world on your shoulders.  Which is just how I feel when I try to navigate my business and wear all the hats.

Certainly working beyond the 6 to 7pm mark is extremely heavy!

Lessons Learned

The solution lies within me; I just need to act on it.  Perhaps you have had a similar sort of experience or lesson learned?

Your Turn to Share Your Experiences

Please share your experiences  with self slave-driving you may have had and how you keep yourself in check.

To leave a comment, scroll down below the article, look for “the leave a reply” comment box and leave your comments!   

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