Going Places Some Thoughts on Advertising

How to Decide the Best Way to get the Word Out about Your Business

Well, this question is still open in my mind.  I am writing this today to share with you my first attempt at using print media advertising.  I wish I could tell you that this choice was well researched, but it was not.  For me the decision came down to number of exposures to my services versus cost.  

Here is what happened.

I was working on my new website updates one day and I received a call from Bench Craft Company.  They asked me if I would be interested in placing an advertisement in the golf course guide they publish and distribute to the Pine Ridge Country Club in Oxford, MA.    My curiosity was piqued.

Not wanting to make a bad immediate decision, I told the representative I would give them call back.

I did some legwork and called the golf course to ask them what their thoughts were about the guide.  I learned that it goes in every golf bag for every tournament that goes through the Pine Ridge Country Club Golf Course.  Not too shabby…

I called the Bench Craft Company back and let them know I was indeed interested.  We talked about getting my advertisement on hole #1.  Again, still liking this prospect.

All this occurred in October of 2015.  So the drawbacks are that I needed to pay out monies long in advance of any potential gain.

Today, I received my copy of what the course guide looks like and my advertisement.  This is what prompted my putting together this video.


I plan to be exploring topics related to advertising and marketing for small business and may publish more on this topic.

In the meantime, check out this resource on the SBA.gov website.  It gives some insights into how much to allocate to your marketing budget and what components of this spend should look like. 

In this case, I let some other force bring this source of advertising to me.  However, I believe I did some due diligence to determine if it fit with my purpose.  We will see if this was a wise decision after the 2016 golf season.  

Thanks for watching and please leave any comments you might have below.  I know in the past some people have tried to leave a comment but stopped short when I asked them to create an account.  I really do this to prevent spammers from putting their own junk/ads/self-promotions on my website.

So, please, don’t let my request for you to sign up stop you from leaving a comment/question or anything else.  I review all of these personally and then will publish them under the appropriate article.


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