Putting Your Website To Work For You

Simply Having A Website Is Not Enough To Boost Your Leads And Sales A strongly branded website is essential to anyone seeking to run a profitable business.  The Small Business Administration (SBA.gov) published an article which stated that not having a website is one of the top reasons why a company may fail.  You may… Continue Reading

Always On!

History Always Repeats Itself

What Can Public Speaking do for your Business?

You can create your own buzz about your product and services! Low Cost Way to Market The costs to advertise are high for most small business owners. Small business owners simply can’t be in all the places that the bigger players are due to the cost of being present on all media all the time…. Continue Reading

Going Places Some Thoughts on Advertising

How to Decide the Best Way to get the Word Out about Your Business Well, this question is still open in my mind.  I am writing this today to share with you my first attempt at using print media advertising.  I wish I could tell you that this choice was well researched, but it was… Continue Reading

Wait, Don’t Burn your Business

How Inspiration and Hyperactivity Fan the Flames Written by Becky Bruso [cresta-social-share] Inspiration.  It is the secret sauce that lights our fires internally and keeps us going.  It makes us stay up late at night to finish important projects, even when our energy is low.  But, when does inspiration move from intentionally taking action to… Continue Reading

The Worst Way to Self-Manage for the Self-Employed Entrepreneur

How to Stop Beating Yourself Up Every Day for Not Accomplishing Enough Written by Becky Bruso [cresta-social-share] Right around the holidays, everyone gets to feeling overtasked.  Now that the Holiday season is coming to a close, you might think relief from this feeling would be on the way.   I find this is not so for… Continue Reading

My New Sign is Up!

It’s Official!  The signs are up on the outside of the building and on the inside! A special thank you to Jeff Bruso, my hubby, of JBruso Construction for providing me with the space to setup my office!    

My Workshop Space Ready to Go

Workshop Space Setup for Business Training I am sharing what my office/workshop space looks like.   My live Website Boot Camp with WordPress was just held this past Saturday, April 25th, 2015.  I was a pleasure to serve my workshop partipcants!  I look forward to meeting new workshop attendees in the future!   Take a look at… Continue Reading

It’s 10:30pm, Do You Know Where Your Website Is?

 How Not to Break your Website Author:  Becky Bruso  😥Last night at this very time, I had no idea what I had done to break my site.  Okay, so 10:30 pm isn’t the best time to start modifying your website, but lately it seems like that is the only time I am able to get… Continue Reading