How to Find the Password you Saved in Chrome

Today, as we all painfully know, passwords are required for everything.   The sheer number of passwords we have to remember is just overwhelming. Chrome, and other browsers, have made it simple for us to access sites we repeatedly visit by saving our passwords for us. The trouble is, it may not be so easy… Continue Reading

WordPress: Add a Video to a Post or Page

Two Ways to Add Video to Posts and Pages Since video is just another media type, to add video to your posts and pages, you could proceed as you would to add an image. But there are two ways to add video to posts and pages.  The first way is to simply use the media add… Continue Reading

Are you a Networking Scaredy-Cat?

Networking Tips and How I Left my Scaredy-Cat Behind Written by:  Becky Bruso In this digital world it is all too easy to get caught up in networking online and not venture out into the physical world to actually do some good old-fashioned networking. About 5 years ago, I was scared to death of getting out and… Continue Reading