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Definition of the Word “Default” The word “default” is often found used in computer-speak writing and instructions.  We have demystified the computer-speak and provided you with a very simple definition.

Business Building Block Tool – Contagious: Why Things Catch On.

Contagious:  Why Things Catch On Concept Review by The BizPal Company, LLC Article Written and Reviewed by Becky Bruso I found this really great resource in a book written By Jonah Berger.  It talks about what really makes ideas catch on.  Berger and his associates back this work with the science of studying information for over a… Continue Reading

Business Building Block Tool – The Business Model Canvas

Business Model Generation Book Used by The BizPal Company, LLC Written and Reviewed by Becky Bruso To build my business model, last summer I found an invaluable resource to develop the model I wanted to use for my business.